Week 1: Emerging Media Platforms #EMPJ

I think some technologies that may affect my future career will be augmented reality and understanding how to tell good stories that can give the sense of how a story is placed in one’s own reality. I also think virtual reality will be very impactful element in my future career, especially sooner than later as journalism emerges with newer technology and how creating a seamless emothional virtual story platform for people to view a story in the eyes of others. This can be used in so many innovative ways that I think ‘now’ is the time to be creative as possible since it is so new, to not only the world but to journalism industy as well. I feel that the ways and types of virtual reality is endless at this point in time but I can forsee that in 3 to 4 years this will be otherwise.

I think  drones and 360 videographers will need to know how to tell a story within the new emerging platforms and learn how to incorporate new elements to make seamless interactive connective live shows/ broadcasts. Producers will need to be more tech savvy so they can incorporate new creative ideas and data of how to tell a newscast as well as for editors to create an interesting content product in new formated ways.

How to serve my audience with the new technologies can best be dialed in on one mindset… how to think outside the box and creatively excite the viewer beyond techniques of the trade like nothing has allowed us before!


Week 2;Emerging Media Platforms #EMPJ

I think one aspect of media that has really changed is virtual reality. This technology platform is well portrayed at its infancy stages as a media application called ‘Within’. This app has true elements of what it takes to conceptualilze a good virtual reality journalism and short documentary examples of what the future holds for storytelling in VR. The New York Times and several other well known media outlets have incorporated their content into this app. I find it so facinating and intriguing that you do not need a google cardboard to actually particiapate in the virtual story. The sound and features literally take you there and the graphics no longer seem to be quite so animated. The New York Times demonstrates some very realistic virtual dipiction in the connectivity of real world scenes. The stories are very captivating.

Pertaining to the Innovators Dilemma, I think that the disruption of technology and creating an abrupion within the the order of things is always going to happen. However, if there weren’t disruptions then we would be living in a dictator world and no one would be challenging one’s original thoughts or improving and or innovating new concepts to create enlightenment, therefore, no one would be striving to think out side the box and immerse to levels of higher greatness. Humans would be dependent on one source and if that source were to be defective the human race could go extinct. (Okay that may be going a little too fat.)  Nevertheless, I feel that the ‘Innovators Dilemma’ is what keeps the world striving to open new doors keeping the minds ticking and in a sense things always have to go up and out before down. #EMPJ

8.4 ICC 612; What Up Word Press?

First off, the WordPress that Professor Strahler gave us to setup looks nothing like yours. However, this may just be mine with settings that I may have changed 4 months ago. (I can’t remember.) But I love WordPress and I love the functions that are available for the newbie or for the guy who doesn’t want to create everything from scratch. I think that working WordPress, it has given me a whole new perspective on blogging and how I can gt into the fad (which I had no idea how prior to this program started).

I feel that I have so many options to write content for personal agendas and have the ability to keep them personal. LOVE THIS. Because I was and am still kind of afraid to post things online of my opinion unless it was in a professional manor. But now I can play around and try to better understand a ‘bloggers’ life and if I wanted to create posts that are public I love that I can get a follower base by just adding my social media accounts to it.

Therefore, after setting up the accounts my friends and others can be re-directed to my WordPress and check out what I am pondering. I think that this account is actually pretty great for not just personal but I would use it to target my consumers if I were an enterprise becuase this management service for content is a great platform to establish something that is customizable and quick to deploy to the world whenever. LOVE IT.


Week 10: What the Future Holds…

This week for our asynchronous class I really enjoyed hearing all of Professor Strahler’s future possibilities. I actually was kind of proud of myself that at one point throughout this semester I actually mentioned every one of the future topic highlights except one, that the Professor mentioned from streaming to drones to holograms. And as I recall I was more or less chuckled at for not thinking either more futuristic or thinking of something that isn’t realistic yet the Professor speaks about these specific digital forms of communicating as the future?!! HUuh?!

Oh Well, that makes me really excited to know I wasn’t too far off during those classes

Thank you again,I appreciate you helping to push me think outside the box and help me re-learn our culture and social media as we now know it. I really enjoyed the interaction and curiosity elements to our class. It is very intriguing and I want to be there to learn and listen. I often found when listening to the asynchronous class I would have little a-huh moments. Which brought great interest into my life that I like to pass a long to people.

This was a nice class and I can’t wait to keep learning. Knowledge is power and I am obsessed. I am so proud to be apart of this elite program.

Anyways… Thanks again.

Best Wishes,

Lacey N. Minaglia

Week 9: Advertising, Advertising… and More Advertising!

This week was a nice refresher for the advertising and marketing breakdown. Native ads are very deceptive but I think they are very effect for the short term sense of where the future is actually going. Nonetheless, the Sponsored content is just as deceptive but it does get to the point that the advertiser wants and seems to be something people would click on. I think that the digital advertising industry is always changing and the data science avenue portion is a very essential key to progressing with knowing where the future of the industry is really going.

The advertising and marketing industry is headed toward a very analytical and very compartmental breakdown for companies and products to be placed, presented and sold. I worked in radio sales and there was a ton of advertising and marketing behind the sales aspect that I did not expect. (I am extremely happy to have gained that knowledge) However, it can be such a variety of elements that are understood as advertising and marketing when selling it to the customer. From NTR (non traditional revenue) to digital, radio, tv, on-site, endorsements, etc. I mean this literally can go on and on because if you can think it and coordinate people to do it, you truly can sell it.

But I am extremely thrilled to share my case study in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned.

Until then…

~ Lacey

Week 8: Journalism and Digital Trends

This week was rhetorical on the newspaper and transitioning to the digital age. However, the asynchronous session was super interesting to bring up the citizen journalism (per-say) as disrupting journalist and journalism as a whole.

I love that we responded to this topic especially to the Brian Williams sticky situation. This actually was an ironic mishap that fell into my lap when I was trying to prove a point to my parents. I had always mentioned that I was not fond of NBC news locally for the lack of accredited information they reported and how they outright state things on-air without a reference or any sort of source.

Therefore, when my parents went to the Super Bowl this past year they stayed with a woman whom was the mother of a guy that works under my dad. Every night at 5pm she had a ritual of always finding her seat to watch ‘her man, Brian Williams’. (I have no problem with that. To each their own.) However, my parents started to be influenced and when I called them they would joke to me about their day and how they started to really like Brian’s reports. This was amusing to me because no matter what I intelligently said and the education I have (that they paid for) they still didn’t care for what I had to say about NBC’s reports ethics… LOL

Well low and behold… A few weeks after my parents returned home from Arizona they and the world received the shocking news of Brian’s misleading and fabricated reporting from his experience in Iraq. This was the first time I think my parents started to believe I was smarter than they thought! lol

To circle this back to why I even brought this up… I think that citizen journalism is interesting and how they keep reporters true to being honest watchdogs. I can appreciate that.

In our discussion in class this week was great with a lot of fantastic insight and topics that branch out further than just what lies ahead but what lies ahead and how will it lie ahead for journalists? I love hearing everyone’s opinion’s. It is cool to know that our class is not only the inaugural class for this program but we could be inaugural participants of a much larger movement in our future.

That is it for now. Until next week.


Week 7: Data

This week was crazy for me. I unfortunately missed our class due to a family emergency however I did learn that I do not know as much as I thought I did in regards to data and advertising and such that we learned this week.

However I did come to terms with my take on Big Data and since I used to work as a radio salesperson advertising was a huge part of the campaigns therefore I do agree with the Big Data scenario and have no problem with the privacy issues since you have to do what you gotta do to get where you have to go.

Anyways until next week.


Week 5: Digital Communication and the First Amendment

This week was a refresh for me as I love learning new digital scenarios and cases that have been under regulation and bring up the question if the First Amendment is being violated.

It was great to hear the class’ cases that they brought to the live discussion and it brought up a lot of great ideas and concepts but mostly it was great to hear how relatable everyone’s answers were.

I personally love when our instructor Jeff takes our curiosity far beyond relevance of the original topic. I think this allows us to continue thinking and questioning every angle of technology and how it is applied and how far can we push new envelopes of technological regulations. It is really interesting.

New week is mid-term exam but I am excited since this class is awesome and I love studying for it.

Till then….


Week 4: Digital Culture… Crazy Lingo Realization…

This week was fascinating as our class watched Naomi Bray’s video on Mobile Technologies and Language. I noticed this video was actually shot 2 years ago or so and is surprising how ‘spot on’ Naomi was with her research and understanding of this ‘new lingo’ that is coming about as smartphones and apps seem to establish a new form of short form language that is less formal and error friendly. Naomi absolutely nailed each area and is so crazy how this ‘new lingo’ has actually become bigger and a more popular form of the written language within two years, that even television sitcoms are writing characters to speak in the form of this ‘new lingo’ and books are even being written on short form and abbreviations or acronyms.

This is shocking to me since I find it extremely disappointing that cursive and proper grammar seems to be dwindling in the public school systems. But we shall see. I personally think it is trashy when I hear people talk improper or write with grammatical errors. But let’s just hope that we do not turn out like that movie ‘Idiocracy’, with Luke Wilson. (Check it out)

In class we broke out into groups and when over seminar class headlines that we would teach to resolve each factor in the digital divide. I thought our group did awesome!! Can’t wait to hear what everyone else did.

Next week we are touching on the first amendment and Internet Governance. Kind of excited since I am a little familiar with this for I took a class at WSU called Media Law that touched on ethical, Internet Governance, 1st Amendment, and president cases, etc.

Until then…


3rd Week: Digital Communications

Snapshot and how apps are social or not. This week was fun learning more about apps that we may have known about or not and expanding on whether or not they were by definition social. Which ‘social’ in today’s terms can be considered anything that captures the art of conversing between one and others. It can inform people, allow people to access businesses etc.

I thought it was very interesting learning about the conversation prism. There are so many elements to take into consideration when looking at successful apps.

I am actually excited for next week. We will be literally documenting one day of every technology device used within our 24 hour period of our. I am intrigued to see how much I really am in-tuned or not with technology compared to others because right now I feel that I have a been out of the loop.

Till then… Lacey