Alexa Interactive Media Skill Attached to Unity Scene; #EMPJ; Final Project

I knew the entire semester that I wanted to create something similar to Pokemon Go but for the newsroom and other media outlets. However, it wasn’t until later in the semester that the clouds would break and the sun would shine a magnificent concept.

I was introduced to Amazon’s Echo (a Bluetooth speaker device with interacting voice-recognizing commands). Moreover, I needed to find something that would be more beneficial than just a daily briefing or update from “Alexa’. So I would put everything on the line and attempt to create probably the coolest, most tangible technology I could think of.

My field test for Emerging Media Platforms masters class was to create an Alexa skill attached to a storytelling scene created in Unity 3D software for VR and AR compatibility. This skill will be a voice-command navigational element to allow the user to be guided or create their own tutorial of the story based on Unity.

For more on the field test please see the attached


I went through ups and downs but along the way I learned some HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, and a ton about Unity 3D.

This gamification interactive multi-media Alexa skill will introduce new audiences to stories like never before!

I will continue to update this blog as I get progress in fulfilling this new technology.

For more information or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.