Week 10: #EMPJ ; Imagaing My Future Career: Vision Paper

“The future depends on what we do in the present.”- Mahatma Gandi. This couldn’t be more true. As I sit here trying to project what I forsee the future, nothing more comes to mind than what virtual and augmented reality cna bring to our future.

I think by 2032 (at least), we will be communicating through a lens or chip that will transport us to meetings and/ or events that your physical human body cannot be there attend because of location.

The only way I can probably wrap my head around a micro chip implanted in you would be if it were kind of like birth control. The one that is implanted in your arm. Then through a contact lens or other communicating objects, the ability to transport and currate content will visably be in front of you. Kind of like what the Holo lens and Oculus can do now but to a level that revolutionizes the need to physically be in one place or another seamlessly.

This technology will enable us to customize and aggregate information that we receive or send to new audiences. I forsee the visual will look like a hologram but can actually be sensored through articficial intelligence in order to interact with the content if it is not live.

I forsee this kind of advanced AR to be implemented and easily connected with all devices for the best user experience. I understand that these technologies are already somewhat in progress, however, I feel that unless the correlation between all of these technologies I have referred to are combined and utilized by all will be within the next 18 years.

Turthfully, we all thought flying cars were going to be a norm by now but are just getting started. Therefore, my prediction for our future of communication will be held within a technology that is voice-activated, sensored, receives currated holograms through VR and AR technology either implanted or inserted into a humans body.

I think that this technology will be so advanced that only software updates will be necessary every year and every 3 to 5 years a new chip/ lens can be replaced.




Week 9 Blog; #EMPJ; Emerge on Another Level

Emerging technologies, emerging careers, emerging possibilities… oh my!

As our semester is on the home stretch, we are all left to ponder on what may lie ahead for journalists and technological advances within the industry. This is not an unfamiliar thought process for me. I often sit and wonder what is needed in a world that technology is  not already researching and working 5 years ahead of the world? What are techies making and conceptualizing for new products and platforms for the tech world that is so simple or obvious that hasn’t been thought of?

I often take time every day to look around my surrounds and ask myself, “what isn’t out there that I could think of or build-on that isn’t or already being thought about? What would be helpful in this moment around me (as life passes from all directions)?

Well it turns out that the ideas that I thought were really exciting are already being worked on. Soooo.. that was a big bummer. Although the products haven’t been released yet, I had put efforts in that still leave a bad taste in my mouth. But this is what I understand is just the process of an entrepreneur.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t even think that I had a chance to find resources for any idea that I have if it weren’t for Communications@Syracuse. This program has given me tools and a greater mindset for the innovativeness within journalism industry.

Truthfully, I just wish I had more accessibility to equipment that we learn about. I have become very passionate about new emerging technologies and how to apply them to my storytelling techniques. I think it is a great disadvantage that this program doesn’t have a sharing policy for everyone to equally receive physical skills with equipment we learn about. It is completely possible that someone’s destiny to being an expert at an amazing new contraption could be unopened if the tools were not available.(I know this sounds like life in general, but I guess I am trying to make a point.)

Moreover, I am looking forward to figuring out how to make my ‘new’ webpage accessible with OSI capabilities. (I feel this is used wrong, but I am that is what I want to accomplish.) Having my site actually communicate with servers to upload content and transfer users to other pages etc.

However, to get my blog back on track for this week’s asynchronous session…Technologies and how they might affect my future career from this week’s content has unlimited possibilities.

Sensor journalism and drones with voice activation, are three technologies that I believe will enhance the ability to receive and report data on a more indepth scale to interpret a sense of greater understanding for elements existing or interacting all around us.

That’s just a little to a lot more. But till next time… ~Lacey