Week 7:Dream Up Your Own Sensor Array; #EMPJ

What Is the Human Body’s Limit Before Damage?

When watching certain sports my curiosity raises about the affects of human-to-human impact on one’s internal organs and/ or bones. Questions like, ‘how much pressure does it takes for internal organs to be damaged?’ or ‘what is the amount of preassure it takes to break a human’s bones?’ This may sound weird, however, I believe that knowing data based off degrees of pressure, force and movement measurments of bodies can be udnerstood in a way that could potentially aid in prevention of injuries and/ or gain knowledge for knowing the limits you can push yourself till it is no longer healthy.

Data of this sort can be collected and analyzed from utilizing “Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout” sensors and “Force Sensitive” sensors. Athletes would wear the “force Sensitive” sensor sown into their uniforms to measure the pressure applied at moment of contact (either with one or more athletes, or impact of objects like ground, etc.). The “Triple Axis Accelerometer” sensor can be attached either to helmets or any other physical object that may be a potential’impact’ point a body may injure themselves on.

Motion of an athlete’s body compared to the applied pressure at the moment of impact can be analyzed to receive data that reciprocates different outcomes based off of different body movements and impact. Athletes from a variety of sports in several impactful situations will give the most insightful information to be obtained to understand true and accurate results.

Moreover, an inertial perspective from sensors will enable to capacity to which we can understand the body’s true strength (internally). I think that this is a story that would take a few months to receive information desired in order to understanding the body’s limits and/ or resistance before injury.

Links of product info below:

I’d love to hear more ideas to fulfill this story concept. Thanks-Lacey

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