Week 6; #EMPJ;Pitch a VR Story

First and foremost, I would like to continue my conversation o fmy ‘field test idea’. This week I was looking forward to learning more about VR and AR as well as 360 video concepts with journalism. And to my surprise, my exact idea (to the T) literally has already been done by a guy at Empathetic Media.

I was disappointed, to say the least… however, I still feel that there is something that I could add or attempt still with my idea and AR as an app for newsoutlets. I know that I need a trigger that activates certain stories or do I just attempt to uttilize AR with one story?

These are all things I need to think about. I truly was hoping to get some kind of revolation to what technology besides Unity I would need to ask my professor if I could barrow. But I think there is one that I will need if I am actually coming up with specific content. I would need a 360 camera. This is the only accessory I would ask for in order to create content within the AR realm on Unity to activate VR stories within the platform itself.

Nonetheless, I think that two great stories could be around Micheal Phelps. One in which would be really fun to recreate a world where you could have maybe a gamification aspect of his swimming world at rio and then certain triggers could activate AR within locations YOU are to know what a certain perspective of the Olympics felt like or looked like from where you are (anywhere in the world ) maybe triggers could be certain similar surroundings that set off a story or feature of the app?

For my second idea could maybe the wildfires that are taking place in California. Although these are not uncommon in So. Cal. as of yesteraday almost 100K people had to evacuate. I think from the footage on Facebook, this concept would be quite interesting to recreate, especially the crazy skies from the inferno.

Furthermore, this week we are to describe a story in the news that would be a great story to tell if we were to utilize VR tools. I think that I may actually have to go with either Ryan Lochte’s mugging situation (because I can only imagine his face when he was being mugged). Or the fires would be very itneresting to see via VR. Perhaps it could be a little bit of  an ‘Oregon Trail’ kind of game?! Like through VR you could learn about the fire and eevacuations, what the emotions are like when in a situation like this and find best routes of evacuates given different scenarios?!

Another idea comes from my 6th sense. I truly freak myself out sometimes when things I dream or if I have wierd daydreams that actually come true. Well, I know that I have gained OCD from having this sense because I knock on wood like nobody’s business. LOL Moreover, what I am trying to get at is earthquakes. I literally have a preminition everytime an earthquake happens. This last preminition was on Monday morning when it was still dark out and I completely was panicking in my head because I was fearful that it was the Won De fUca that was going to shift or Mt Rainer was going to cause the disaster but it turned out that there was a 5.4  earthquake else where in Asia.

But I think that a VR story of earthquakes over time from histiory would be an interesting feeling to go through and to see the emotion and preparations. To the aftermaths especially with new rules and regualations that come into place after one happens. Even a VR scenario of Mt Rainier and the evauation plan and maybe experience the VR scenarios of the volcano explosion, etc.

However, let’s just…’God forbid’ and knock on wood for right now at least. Any of these ideas would be interesting to simulate and get people’s reactions especially if they have never been in a natural disaster or natural scare like this. (Annotations could greatly tell a story like these as well).

One last thought…for VR sports stories: through AR and VR created with Unity, someone could be immersed within thier own reality via camera, trigger and sports scenarios via the content of the story. Examples: the story is created solely for the purpose of AR and elements can be viewed and interacted with via an app running in the background. What if it were about the LA Rams training camp and how they are utilizing all of these new era or modern methods of relaxation and physical theropy. So elements of their workout can be seen with in your world and activated to learn more about each technique when you are certain places walking around or when you find certain stories you are activating the next. There could be a gamification feature but I am not sure why that will add or should it add anything to the actual story for journalism purposes.

However, maybe a weather app is best to start with or even a traffic app. so that AR is not gamification but activated via you and interest in the annotations of story.?! I need some feedback. 

Until next time- Lacey. Oh and go Hawks!



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