Week 5 #EMPJ; 3D Models and Annotations

Week 5: Blog

This week covered quite an amazingly educatinoaly array of topics, yet some pretty ironic topics that really conneted with me because I had earlier, (prior to sitting down and opening the asynchronous lessons) I had thought about several stories or ‘field tests’ that I thought would be cool to recreate from the new technology that we have learned thus far in EMPJ and in the asychronous sessions my questions were brought up and kind of covered! Weird!?!

Based from the new technology software and utilities we have learned such as Unity, 3D object capturing,., Virtual Reality, 360 video, and so much more I began to think how I could create something that an audience would immerse themselves with on a daily basis? This kind of question is just one of several that give me some of the reasons I get so excited about where journalism and technology is headed.

Actually, this week I thought I was going to get the chance to utilize what we were learning and apply to a real project as the lesson was still going on. However, as most people in my class found out that Autodesk has an issue with overloading server issues. (My one 3D object took two days to process. It is an application on my phone.) This really should not take that long but I really wanted to apply this to my sister’s training video that she asked me to shoot for her and her collegues that would be sent to Germany for focus groups. Becasue, how much cooler would it be than just regular video to easily scan up load and annotate how-tos for a training and the people viewing the training could be immersed into the actual lesson understand from a whole new level at their own pace?!

Nonetheless, I think that this would still be something easily done for future training with my sister’s division at her job. Now something that I thought might be kind of interesting applied to my field study and career would be using Unity and creating either a news based or weather based (maybe even a traffic based) AR app on their phone. So that they could get updates or turn an app on and pull the phone up in front of them. Then stories or weather related content (like advisories or tips, etc,) would be annotated in the immeresed enviromenmt of their screen with their normal reality.Honestly, a little like Pokemon Go but not a game and more utility use rather than gaming. Therefore, the app would run in the background and notifications or if they wanted to click see action (even, perhaps virtual stories or live from a streaming feed thety could click on that) going on around them created by that broadcasting/ media company.

Nevertheless, that is all I want to say for now. I can’t wait to discuss more about this in class. TTYL-Lacey




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