Week 4 #EMPJ; Journalists & Tech… Ethics are Essential!

As I reflect on not only this weeks content in Emerging Media Platforms in Journalism, but over the last few weeks, we have had a constant variable arise that isn’t something that our class is really focused around. Nonetheless, the variable that I am talking about is not any less vital to learn. I am referring to ethics. It something that should always be brought to ones attention when handling information that pertains to other people’s lives.

I am proud to say that I came from an undergraduate program that enforced a very high standard of a code of ethics through the Edward R. Murrow School of Communications at Washington State University. It gives me such honor say that I continue my education in an elite program that upholds just as prominent of a standard code of ethics at the Communications@Syracuse program through the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.

However, between the time after my undergrad time and starting my masters degree, the understanding of what was ethical, bias and/ or either became somewhat grey. I think this was because social media, new technology, and citizen journalism. It seemed that people attempting to utilize new techniques and/ or fiddle with social media were not considering areas or boundries of the professional ethics of the journalism industry. Well, some journalists didn’t either and I found myself a little baffled to see how they had a career and I was watching people judge this amazing industry because of the fools who were not educated enough or chose to ignore how to be a good journalist. An industry that was built from the best and elite people was being demoralized by people not thinking before using, basically.

With social media as an immersive platform for new technology. New audiences were reached and doors of new ethical conundrums were opened. The new ethical horizans broadened and concerns needed and still need to be considered as this tech age is booming faster than ever with the internet of things.

Furthermore,’my ‘grey’ opinion was not only formed from ‘citizen journalist’, but because of how new technology is becoming so interactive, immersive, and with 360 (all around us) is being captured to now. This week’s asychronous lesson has made it even more apparent that I will continue to uphold my standards and never forget what ethical considerations I need to consider before and during production for every journalistic story I produce. It is my responsibility to remember that I owe it not only to myself but whomever I am telling the story to or of that I have transparency.

I think that being trusted and known that I am an ethical journalist is one thing that I have always stayed true to myself and anyone whom has ever known me. If anyone would ever question that it would be obsurd. That is why for transparency of 360 and getting out the way for the audience to fell like they are the one doing the interview makes sense. I think maybe show that you are walking out of shot. This could eliminate the shot of ‘hidding’. To ‘stage’ anything would automatically qualify as a docufilm for sure and not a hard story. It would be a feature and not breaking.

Future technologies will be ever evolving and I need to be ready for transition to tell the truth in any scenario. If I can show the truth and easily portray the story then that is the best story. If it can not be done that way then maybe it is not they right story for you. There are always ways to show and tell your audience how and what is going on without having to recreate something. That is entertainment. 🙂




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