Let’s Talk about “The Game”… #EMPJ

“Wesley, if you meet someone, whose initials you might want to carve into that elm tree, don’t let it interfere with your studies. I failed organic chemistry because of AF.”-Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Allen, C., Roddenberry, G., Braga, B., Stewart, P., Frakes, J., & Burton, L.,2016). 

This quote isn’t related in any sense to the actual “Game” itself (“The Game” in reference to the Science Fiction television show “Star Trek: The Next Generation, season 5 episode 6). However, this quote (said in STTNG “The Game” episode) relates to a more recent ‘similar’ kind of ‘game’ from a small series of movies called “The Divergent Series”.

I feel it is not far fetched that a similar character as ‘Captain Jean-Luc Picard’ from STTNG would say something along the same lines in “The Divergent Series”. In fact there is an uncanny and maybe ironic connection that the same woman whom would say such poetic words would be the one giving the advice as an adult to her daughter in the futuristic SciFi in was actually the girlfriend of Wesley Crusher in STTNG. Her name is Ashley Judd.

Her role in both productions would be of a strong willed woman, whom is very intillegent. Nevertheless, as I write, I’m surprising myself becasue I actually hadn’t thought about the relation of the character or the actual fact that there was a constant in both productions pertaining to Ashley! Weird!

Moreover, the real connection with “The Game” and “The Divergent Series”. The two productions have some very common themes. First, there are very dominant smart young adults who save the ‘day’. Second, there is a game that mesmerizes the community and in “The Game” it is more of augmented reality because they do not transport the consciousness anywhere. But in “The Divergent Series” I would say it is more virtual reality since their eyes, mind, and body seem to transported in a simulation within in a different dimension. Third, in both productions had elements of some sort of manipulating influence sanctioned after wearing a device or exposed to a device that the specieman would be led to believe that they were doing things for the right reasons. Fouth, in “The Game”, Wesley helps in the resolution to break the mind control. Ultimately, saving the ‘Enterprise’ from being captured by an alien ship. In “The Divergent Series: Insurgent”, Tris aids in taking humanity’s power back from manipulating their community and relinqulishing  the information that was sealed from society, essentially revealing truth.

A little something to leave you with said by a little boy genius, “Law 103: A couple of light years can’t keep good friends apart.”- Wesley Crusher (Allen, C., Roddenberry, G., Braga, B., Stewart, P., Frakes, J., & Burton, L., 2016).

References: Allen, C., Roddenberry, G., Braga, B., Stewart, P., Frakes, J., & Burton, L. (2016). “Star Trek: The Next Generation” The Game (TV Episode 1991). IMDb. Retrieved 21 July 2016, from http://www.imdb.com/title/tt070879


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