Week 1: Emerging Media Platforms #EMPJ

I think some technologies that may affect my future career will be augmented reality and understanding how to tell good stories that can give the sense of how a story is placed in one’s own reality. I also think virtual reality will be very impactful element in my future career, especially sooner than later as journalism emerges with newer technology and how creating a seamless emothional virtual story platform for people to view a story in the eyes of others. This can be used in so many innovative ways that I think ‘now’ is the time to be creative as possible since it is so new, to not only the world but to journalism industy as well. I feel that the ways and types of virtual reality is endless at this point in time but I can forsee that in 3 to 4 years this will be otherwise.

I think  drones and 360 videographers will need to know how to tell a story within the new emerging platforms and learn how to incorporate new elements to make seamless interactive connective live shows/ broadcasts. Producers will need to be more tech savvy so they can incorporate new creative ideas and data of how to tell a newscast as well as for editors to create an interesting content product in new formated ways.

How to serve my audience with the new technologies can best be dialed in on one mindset… how to think outside the box and creatively excite the viewer beyond techniques of the trade like nothing has allowed us before!


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