Week 2;Emerging Media Platforms #EMPJ

I think one aspect of media that has really changed is virtual reality. This technology platform is well portrayed at its infancy stages as a media application called ‘Within’. This app has true elements of what it takes to conceptualilze a good virtual reality journalism and short documentary examples of what the future holds for storytelling in VR. The New York Times and several other well known media outlets have incorporated their content into this app. I find it so facinating and intriguing that you do not need a google cardboard to actually particiapate in the virtual story. The sound and features literally take you there and the graphics no longer seem to be quite so animated. The New York Times demonstrates some very realistic virtual dipiction in the connectivity of real world scenes. The stories are very captivating.

Pertaining to the Innovators Dilemma, I think that the disruption of technology and creating an abrupion within the the order of things is always going to happen. However, if there weren’t disruptions then we would be living in a dictator world and no one would be challenging one’s original thoughts or improving and or innovating new concepts to create enlightenment, therefore, no one would be striving to think out side the box and immerse to levels of higher greatness. Humans would be dependent on one source and if that source were to be defective the human race could go extinct. (Okay that may be going a little too fat.)  Nevertheless, I feel that the ‘Innovators Dilemma’ is what keeps the world striving to open new doors keeping the minds ticking and in a sense things always have to go up and out before down. #EMPJ


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