Simple Scene Creation… #EMPJ

Unity3D, is such an exciting software that I was thrilled to start learning how to use and apply to storytelling. I think telling a story through a 3D platform, allowing your audience to immersively connect with the scene of a story captures a whole new understanding for an audience to receive a story. The engagement of the 3D story can help give a new perspective and emotional sense to what the story is truly trying to portray. I think that this kind of storytelling is the most innovative and creative, tangilble software a journalist can create with informative content to tell a story.

In Emerging Media Platforms, Professor Pacheco intended for us to create a ‘simple scene’ within the Unity3D software. I was beyond hyped to see what I could do with the technology. First and foremost I must admit that I didn’t really believe my professor at first of how tricky it would or could get in a 3-dimensional world (when creating content from scratch) I always seem to figure things out (it may be luck or a ‘rain man’ quality)?! Nevertheless, Unity takes a lot of memory on your cpu and if you do not have enough room then you may need to think about erasing at least 20GB of memory from your existing c drive. I found that I was a little too eager and downloaded all the packages upfront… not smart. You want to do this as you go! 🙂 Therefore, I had to have my father fix my old Z notebook (that is similar to the memory space of a workstation) in order for me to finish this first ‘simple scene’ exercise.

When I redownloaded everything for the second time on the Zbook I was up and running. Now prior to this I attempted to create two simple terrain scenes. This is something I can laugh about now but at the time I was pulling my hair out because not only was the software not downloading properly but I kept losing that dam* scene! This happened so easily… I would scroll out then try and grab the ‘hand’ icon to pull the scene, then scroll the grab to get where I wanted to see. But sometimes I would scroll too far (and not know I did so) and my mouse would get lost in the abyss of the sky and clouds! Okay… I will admit that I kept reopening and deleting projects until I figured out what was happening (because this wasn’t a problem with the old computer this was obviously a user error).

I couldn’t believe that I was such a space caddet after realizing amateur error that I was creating with a simple gesture that I was literally doing over and over! That error was that I supposedly was scrolling the wrong way (when what would seem obvious to me for the direction to get closer was actually bringing me so far away from the object I was trying to see that the software wasn’t showing me anything remotely close to the scene). WOW!!!

But that wasn’t the frustrating part. What really bummed me out was the fact that I was moving things and didn’t realize it till it was too late. At that point you just need to step back and (maybe grab a glass of wine) refresh the old noggin’. I needed to accept that those tedious little moves of objects to center them in the perfect place and in the perfect way was just going to have to be put in the books as good practice. After all I think the end piece (besides the floating plant that I couldn’t get rid of) turned out pretty good, especially for all the lessons I (went through) learned! This scene is not my best but it won’t be my last so I know I will only improve and hone this technology as a valuable tool.

Moreover, gaining this skill and useful tequnique for the purpose of great knowledge for a new way to tell a great interactive story is the most exciting thing thus far I have obtained in this program. I am so excited for what is to come! FYI, I am in the process of figuring out how to use a ftp server. And then getting an URL to screencast from the link provided with QuickTime into YouTube (Pacheco, 2016).

TTYL, Lacey

Check it out. This link is below,


Let’s Talk about “The Game”… #EMPJ

“Wesley, if you meet someone, whose initials you might want to carve into that elm tree, don’t let it interfere with your studies. I failed organic chemistry because of AF.”-Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Allen, C., Roddenberry, G., Braga, B., Stewart, P., Frakes, J., & Burton, L.,2016). 

This quote isn’t related in any sense to the actual “Game” itself (“The Game” in reference to the Science Fiction television show “Star Trek: The Next Generation, season 5 episode 6). However, this quote (said in STTNG “The Game” episode) relates to a more recent ‘similar’ kind of ‘game’ from a small series of movies called “The Divergent Series”.

I feel it is not far fetched that a similar character as ‘Captain Jean-Luc Picard’ from STTNG would say something along the same lines in “The Divergent Series”. In fact there is an uncanny and maybe ironic connection that the same woman whom would say such poetic words would be the one giving the advice as an adult to her daughter in the futuristic SciFi in was actually the girlfriend of Wesley Crusher in STTNG. Her name is Ashley Judd.

Her role in both productions would be of a strong willed woman, whom is very intillegent. Nevertheless, as I write, I’m surprising myself becasue I actually hadn’t thought about the relation of the character or the actual fact that there was a constant in both productions pertaining to Ashley! Weird!

Moreover, the real connection with “The Game” and “The Divergent Series”. The two productions have some very common themes. First, there are very dominant smart young adults who save the ‘day’. Second, there is a game that mesmerizes the community and in “The Game” it is more of augmented reality because they do not transport the consciousness anywhere. But in “The Divergent Series” I would say it is more virtual reality since their eyes, mind, and body seem to transported in a simulation within in a different dimension. Third, in both productions had elements of some sort of manipulating influence sanctioned after wearing a device or exposed to a device that the specieman would be led to believe that they were doing things for the right reasons. Fouth, in “The Game”, Wesley helps in the resolution to break the mind control. Ultimately, saving the ‘Enterprise’ from being captured by an alien ship. In “The Divergent Series: Insurgent”, Tris aids in taking humanity’s power back from manipulating their community and relinqulishing  the information that was sealed from society, essentially revealing truth.

A little something to leave you with said by a little boy genius, “Law 103: A couple of light years can’t keep good friends apart.”- Wesley Crusher (Allen, C., Roddenberry, G., Braga, B., Stewart, P., Frakes, J., & Burton, L., 2016).

References: Allen, C., Roddenberry, G., Braga, B., Stewart, P., Frakes, J., & Burton, L. (2016). “Star Trek: The Next Generation” The Game (TV Episode 1991). IMDb. Retrieved 21 July 2016, from

Week 1: Emerging Media Platforms #EMPJ

I think some technologies that may affect my future career will be augmented reality and understanding how to tell good stories that can give the sense of how a story is placed in one’s own reality. I also think virtual reality will be very impactful element in my future career, especially sooner than later as journalism emerges with newer technology and how creating a seamless emothional virtual story platform for people to view a story in the eyes of others. This can be used in so many innovative ways that I think ‘now’ is the time to be creative as possible since it is so new, to not only the world but to journalism industy as well. I feel that the ways and types of virtual reality is endless at this point in time but I can forsee that in 3 to 4 years this will be otherwise.

I think  drones and 360 videographers will need to know how to tell a story within the new emerging platforms and learn how to incorporate new elements to make seamless interactive connective live shows/ broadcasts. Producers will need to be more tech savvy so they can incorporate new creative ideas and data of how to tell a newscast as well as for editors to create an interesting content product in new formated ways.

How to serve my audience with the new technologies can best be dialed in on one mindset… how to think outside the box and creatively excite the viewer beyond techniques of the trade like nothing has allowed us before!

Week 2;Emerging Media Platforms #EMPJ

I think one aspect of media that has really changed is virtual reality. This technology platform is well portrayed at its infancy stages as a media application called ‘Within’. This app has true elements of what it takes to conceptualilze a good virtual reality journalism and short documentary examples of what the future holds for storytelling in VR. The New York Times and several other well known media outlets have incorporated their content into this app. I find it so facinating and intriguing that you do not need a google cardboard to actually particiapate in the virtual story. The sound and features literally take you there and the graphics no longer seem to be quite so animated. The New York Times demonstrates some very realistic virtual dipiction in the connectivity of real world scenes. The stories are very captivating.

Pertaining to the Innovators Dilemma, I think that the disruption of technology and creating an abrupion within the the order of things is always going to happen. However, if there weren’t disruptions then we would be living in a dictator world and no one would be challenging one’s original thoughts or improving and or innovating new concepts to create enlightenment, therefore, no one would be striving to think out side the box and immerse to levels of higher greatness. Humans would be dependent on one source and if that source were to be defective the human race could go extinct. (Okay that may be going a little too fat.)  Nevertheless, I feel that the ‘Innovators Dilemma’ is what keeps the world striving to open new doors keeping the minds ticking and in a sense things always have to go up and out before down. #EMPJ