8.4 ICC 612; What Up Word Press?

First off, the WordPress that Professor Strahler gave us to setup looks nothing like yours. However, this may just be mine with settings that I may have changed 4 months ago. (I can’t remember.) But I love WordPress and I love the functions that are available for the newbie or for the guy who doesn’t want to create everything from scratch. I think that working WordPress, it has given me a whole new perspective on blogging and how I can gt into the fad (which I had no idea how prior to this program started).

I feel that I have so many options to write content for personal agendas and have the ability to keep them personal. LOVE THIS. Because I was and am still kind of afraid to post things online of my opinion unless it was in a professional manor. But now I can play around and try to better understand a ‘bloggers’ life and if I wanted to create posts that are public I love that I can get a follower base by just adding my social media accounts to it.

Therefore, after setting up the accounts my friends and others can be re-directed to my WordPress and check out what I am pondering. I think that this account is actually pretty great for not just personal but I would use it to target my consumers if I were an enterprise becuase this management service for content is a great platform to establish something that is customizable and quick to deploy to the world whenever. LOVE IT.



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