Week 10: What the Future Holds…

This week for our asynchronous class I really enjoyed hearing all of Professor Strahler’s future possibilities. I actually was kind of proud of myself that at one point throughout this semester I actually mentioned every one of the future topic highlights except one, that the Professor mentioned from streaming to drones to holograms. And as I recall I was more or less chuckled at for not thinking either more futuristic or thinking of something that isn’t realistic yet the Professor speaks about these specific digital forms of communicating as the future?!! HUuh?!

Oh Well, that makes me really excited to know I wasn’t too far off during those classes

Thank you again,I appreciate you helping to push me think outside the box and help me re-learn our culture and social media as we now know it. I really enjoyed the interaction and curiosity elements to our class. It is very intriguing and I want to be there to learn and listen. I often found when listening to the asynchronous class I would have little a-huh moments. Which brought great interest into my life that I like to pass a long to people.

This was a nice class and I can’t wait to keep learning. Knowledge is power and I am obsessed. I am so proud to be apart of this elite program.

Anyways… Thanks again.

Best Wishes,

Lacey N. Minaglia


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