Week 9: Advertising, Advertising… and More Advertising!

This week was a nice refresher for the advertising and marketing breakdown. Native ads are very deceptive but I think they are very effect for the short term sense of where the future is actually going. Nonetheless, the Sponsored content is just as deceptive but it does get to the point that the advertiser wants and seems to be something people would click on. I think that the digital advertising industry is always changing and the data science avenue portion is a very essential key to progressing with knowing where the future of the industry is really going.

The advertising and marketing industry is headed toward a very analytical and very compartmental breakdown for companies and products to be placed, presented and sold. I worked in radio sales and there was a ton of advertising and marketing behind the sales aspect that I did not expect. (I am extremely happy to have gained that knowledge) However, it can be such a variety of elements that are understood as advertising and marketing when selling it to the customer. From NTR (non traditional revenue) to digital, radio, tv, on-site, endorsements, etc. I mean this literally can go on and on because if you can think it and coordinate people to do it, you truly can sell it.

But I am extremely thrilled to share my case study in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned.

Until then…

~ Lacey


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