Week 8: Journalism and Digital Trends

This week was rhetorical on the newspaper and transitioning to the digital age. However, the asynchronous session was super interesting to bring up the citizen journalism (per-say) as disrupting journalist and journalism as a whole.

I love that we responded to this topic especially to the Brian Williams sticky situation. This actually was an ironic mishap that fell into my lap when I was trying to prove a point to my parents. I had always mentioned that I was not fond of NBC news locally for the lack of accredited information they reported and how they outright state things on-air without a reference or any sort of source.

Therefore, when my parents went to the Super Bowl this past year they stayed with a woman whom was the mother of a guy that works under my dad. Every night at 5pm she had a ritual of always finding her seat to watch ‘her man, Brian Williams’. (I have no problem with that. To each their own.) However, my parents started to be influenced and when I called them they would joke to me about their day and how they started to really like Brian’s reports. This was amusing to me because no matter what I intelligently said and the education I have (that they paid for) they still didn’t care for what I had to say about NBC’s reports ethics… LOL

Well low and behold… A few weeks after my parents returned home from Arizona they and the world received the shocking news of Brian’s misleading and fabricated reporting from his experience in Iraq. This was the first time I think my parents started to believe I was smarter than they thought! lol

To circle this back to why I even brought this up… I think that citizen journalism is interesting and how they keep reporters true to being honest watchdogs. I can appreciate that.

In our discussion in class this week was great with a lot of fantastic insight and topics that branch out further than just what lies ahead but what lies ahead and how will it lie ahead for journalists? I love hearing everyone’s opinion’s. It is cool to know that our class is not only the inaugural class for this program but we could be inaugural participants of a much larger movement in our future.

That is it for now. Until next week.



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