First Week: Communications and Mass Media in the Digital Age

Comm 602.

This was an interesting but very well planned out first week from Professor Douglas Strahler. I absolutely love that he has a check list and is thorough when understanding what is necessary for us as students to need in order to succeed in his class. Especially this being such new program. I am extremely impressed and grateful!

Nonetheless, I did have some technical and physical (book) issues but I attempted to submit responses and entries anyways. After receiving the book, I was pleasantly surprised I was on point with my submissions to the responses! Yay! 🙂

As far as our Synchronous work, I enjoyed the breakdown Professor Douglas did and the activities provided. I am excited to finally utilize twitter and exercise blogging skills. I think it will really be an interesting and fun adventure. I hope to learn so much and experience new understandings of the Communications and Mass Media world.

Next week it looks like we will be creating an obituary for a that is no longer in existence. This will be fun to see what people find and what we forgot used to exist and influence the internet world at a moment and time.

Until next week…. Make it a good one!



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