2nd Week: Just like the 90s it is over….

This week was so much fun. Not only interesting to learn that the computer was developed as early as the 1940s and 50s but how much has developed and impacted out source of communications. There are so many aspects of the internet that I completely forgot about. As we split into groups this week (which I absolutely loved getting to know my classmates on a closer level.) We discussed access and limited internet options that preexisted the 2000s. For example: Encarta (wow I totally forgot about that resource.) But we also discussed how our internet usage is ‘our right hand man’ in a sense as we turn to the internet from whatever device we may obtain for the source of information needed, dating, financial, etc.

This week was so much fun getting to know classmates and I am excited for next week as we all discuss the influence of one particular app. I first wanted my BECU bank app but now I want to go over Team Stream from Bleacher Report.

See you all next week.



First Week: Communications and Mass Media in the Digital Age

Comm 602.

This was an interesting but very well planned out first week from Professor Douglas Strahler. I absolutely love that he has a check list and is thorough when understanding what is necessary for us as students to need in order to succeed in his class. Especially this being such new program. I am extremely impressed and grateful!

Nonetheless, I did have some technical and physical (book) issues but I attempted to submit responses and entries anyways. After receiving the book, I was pleasantly surprised I was on point with my submissions to the responses! Yay! 🙂

As far as our Synchronous work, I enjoyed the breakdown Professor Douglas did and the activities provided. I am excited to finally utilize twitter and exercise blogging skills. I think it will really be an interesting and fun adventure. I hope to learn so much and experience new understandings of the Communications and Mass Media world.

Next week it looks like we will be creating an obituary for a dot.com that is no longer in existence. This will be fun to see what people find and what we forgot used to exist and influence the internet world at a moment and time.

Until next week…. Make it a good one!